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Interpreting (Consecutive and Simultaneous)

Our interpreters are highly experienced to undertake various assignments in all the official South African languages and a few foreign languages. We provide clients with interpreters for Annual General Meetings; Commissions of Inquiry; legislature sittings; board meetings; disciplinary hearings; conferences; consultations; and roadshows. We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting depending on your needs.

Translation (Local and Foreign)

We translate company reports; newsletters; investigation reports; disciplinary hearings; and many other quasi-judicial matters into all the official South African languages as well as foreign languages.

Transcription (Local and Foreign)

We offer transcription services for both local and foreign languages across a range of industries in the following areas: AGM minutes; Commissions of Inquiry; investigative reports; disciplinary hearings; board meetings minutes; and many other related service areas as per your requirements.

Recordings and Minute-taking

MMJ Language Solutions records audio for disciplinary hearings; Commissions of Inquiry; board meetings; and conferences for clients from various industries. We also offer parallel transcription and/or minute-taking services.

Braille Printing and Translation

We produce Braille printing and translations in all the official South African languages with the proper initial formatting.

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